Tuesday, April 1, 2008

fabric and frames

finding pictures to hang on the wall when you are decorating a room can be an expensive process. thinking about what to hang on the walls is a big task. pictures can often be incredibly expensive...even from some of the "cheap" stores. when i moved into our new apartment i decided to explore some fabrics to hang.
i checked the local fabric store (lucky for me i am in new york and the local store is mood fabric of project runway fame). i purchased this great fabric (which i later found out was oscar de la renta- i got a steal). i then purchased a frame from the local art store and decided to hang it.

i also bought this fabric from ikea...it was in the throw away bin and i paid $1...it now sits perfectly in my living room...above the couch my grandmother kindly donated.

getting these "pictures" at such a great price makes me want to switch them out every year for fun...check back next year to see what takes the places ;)

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