Friday, June 13, 2008

guest blogging - commercial songs

head over to where i am guest blogging today about my favorite new commercials and the awesome music they are using.

i have been obsessing and i mean obsessing to find this commercial to share. when i saw it i was in awe and the music blew me away. i of course scribbled down the name and couldn’t read my own handwriting. but i finally found it and i still love it.

the commercial is for National Grid check it out…the website is amazing too:

Here is the commercial, the song is by Melanie Horsnell and she rocks. here is more of her music.

go to and check out patrick's blog and my guest blog.

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  1. Melanie Horsnell has a number of videos on you tube. You may recall the J C Penney "how can it be" campaign, it was lifted from a song, you can see the full song here
    Melanie's music is on itunes and she has a new album coming out soon called "Complicated sweetheart" The best place to talk to her is her myspace site
    family of melanie