Saturday, July 26, 2008

a moment of spark - cape cod style

i was incredibly lucky to spend the last week in orleans, ma(cape cod) with 8 of my best friends. it was a true moment of spark.

here are some of the best memories:
-Betts - all the music doggie & your catch phrase awesomeness
-Morgs- st. christopher and sharing in your excitement
-Lynny- all of our talks

-Samuel Boss- seeing you on the porch for the 1st time...thanks for the suprise
-Sethery Paul- your bloody mary's and your dinner
-Davey Crocket- All of the all girls and dave car rides
-Pookio PK- Tahiti Sweetie for life...I am addicted

-Alan- Resting my head next to yours during the rain storms

i can't wait to be with you all again for the annual AMB reunion. i love you guys!

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