Friday, August 8, 2008

housewarming gifts for your favorite bachelor

bachelor pads can be a struggle. often these "pads" are lacking cool décor and “expression” - sorry guys but you know it is true. i recently discovered resource revival and think that every bachelor needs to check out these green, green, green products! cool decoration + good for the planet = big win with the ladies.

made from recycled bike parts these tea lights rock! they are $12.99 each but would make a great gift for a bachelor moving into a new pad! they are sleek but manly.

and this is gorgeous. it is a bowl that is made from a recycled bicycle chain. another great gift for a bachelor. it is more on the pricey side at $88 but is awesome.

this is also resource revival found at it is a cool picture frame and is $38.

and check out this wine opener…schweeeet! another use of old bicycle chains. and only $12.

find all these awesome goods at or check out the awesome site of resource revival (

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