Saturday, August 23, 2008

the placemat least for today

i was thinking about placemats today. i think they are interesting and odd! i wonder whose idea it was to create these. for me it is more about design/look then function. i don't mind getting the table dirty!

here are a few fun placemats that i found. typically when i think of "placemats" i think of cloth so i tried to stay away from cloth today and find some other cool choices. these are dainty...made in france and found on for 4 they are $21.99.

i love these wood placemats.
they are pricey at $48. you can also buy these at

over at cb2 there are some great, inexpensive choices! i love these leaf mats which are around $4 each. buy them here.

quite a few blogs have featured these popmats. they are so adorable. i think my favorite is the tree with bird...big suprise! you get 10 for $24.75. they are created by publique living and you can buy them at the awesome site called

these handmade rafia placemats are super cheap.
..only .95 cents each on sale at cb2. you can buy them here.

i am going to keep looking for some fun placemats. the next post will be some cool cloth ones!

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