Wednesday, August 27, 2008

something blue XIII

i am bringing back my something blue feature. and this week i found some really cool blue dresses to share. i love dresses and with fall quickly approaching i am sad to see some of them go to the back of the closet to make room for wool and scarfs. so in honor of the end of are some fun dresses.

these 2 dresses are from anthropologie. i am loving both of them. the first is called "big bend shirtdress". it is $118.

this one is the "ahoy chemise", it is a cool $78. buy both dresses here.

i checked out forever 21. they always have cheap but fun dresses. this one is adorable and is only $17.80. you can buy it here.

and now for the show stopper...the blue dress of blue dresses. check out this marc bouwer dress i found on the price is up there....and by up there i mean high ($535) but it is sooooo beautiful.

check out for this dress.

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