Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a buttoned-up office

i love unique push pins and now with magnet boards becoming a staple in offices i am loving magnets too! i am, like most crafters, addicted to office supplies. i found some really cool push pins across the web that i wanted to share.

if you read my blog often you know that i adore buttons. check out these button push pins that i found over at delight.com. they are a little pricey at $24.50 but i love them.

cb2 has these interesting people push pins. they are super cheap at $2.95 for 20. you can buy them here.

for the nature lover i found these push pins from zanisa. i have have purchased quite a few things from zanisa and love their products. you can buy these pushpins here.

with fall approaching these "autumn glass pushpins" from the etsy shop of vintageflourish are really fun. they are $8 for 10. you can buy them here. not ready for fall yet? check out some of her other great pushpins.

another cute etsy find these "just dandy" push pins that have adorable dandylions on them. you can buy them here at the etsy shop of oldmoney.

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