Tuesday, October 7, 2008

chelsea flea market - exciting finds!

when my friend clayton came to town a few weeks ago we happened upon the chelsea flea market. i only spend about 30 minutes perusing but i could have spent hours.

i found some fun things and tooks some pics. check it out.

first things first. why i didn't buy this amazing bird cage i am not sure. I WANT IT! i am going to try to find one soon. it would be great for a wedding (to put cards/notes in) or to have at your door for mail. imagine the possibilities.

there were amazing hats. here is one that i almost scooped up!

how gorgeous is this sewing machine. another collectors item.

my obsession with buttons is still going strong. there was an entire box full of buttons.

if you are in the area check out the market. every saturday and sunday in chelsea on west 39th street.