Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a closet that isn't a closet

for most people who don't live in new york city (or another big city) closet space isn't a major problem, some of you even have basements (sooo jealous). one of the challenges with living in a big city and tiny apartment is where to put everything. and by everything i am including clothes, the martha stewart wedding magazine collection i have, the 50 scarfs i can't part with and more.

my bedroom doesn't have a closet so i basically created a corner in my room and used a screen to separate everything. it doesn't look amazing but it does hide the ugly lilac plastic containers.

there are some really gorgeous screens out there that could be used to "hide" junk in your room. you could even create your own closet by buying a clothing rack to hang things on.

my screen was purchased at home decorators. they have quite a few options. here are some:

this screen would be a great option because the mirrors would open up the room and if you have white walls the wood would blend. this is from pottery barn.

these are 2 fun ones from chiasso.

which screen would you use?

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