Thursday, October 16, 2008

guest blog: the hunt for bedding

***occasionally i will be featuring a guest blog. this comes from becky auslander who is on the hunt for new bedding in her new nyc apartment***

i recently moved into a new “grown-up” apartment and have been on the hunt for new bedding to decorate my bedroom. i want the bedding to add color into the room but also be comfortable (and soft). another challenge i’m facing is finding a pattern that not only fits my style but also is ‘acceptable’ to my boyfriend who I’m sharing the space with.

in my search i discovered my style for home furnishing and d├ęcor to be VERY MODERN. i love this print, Amentiy Bloom, that carolyn shared a few months back, but unfortunately it’s way out of my price range.

this biggest find was this website where you can DESIGN YOUR OWN BEDDING. you can design the bedding and then change the room around to match. here is an example of something I designed (without designing the room). in addition to being very personal the bedding is affordable!

here are a few other designs from inmod's website of DIY bedding.

we ended up not going with the “design your own” because it takes up to 6-weeks for delivery and we weren’t 100% sure the material or colors matched our space.

the search continues and i’ll send over an update when we finally find what we’re looking for!

If you have any suggestion, feel free to send them over!

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