Thursday, November 27, 2008

i am thankful

today is thanksgiving and i am in the beautiful north carolina. it has been quite the year. so many changes in my life and so many things to be thankful for.

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what am i thankful for:
  • YOU: my readers. this year i launched Serendipity & Spark and i am thankful to my readers and inspiration providers
  • MY LOVE: i got engaged this year and after over 5 years i am still so happy and calm. he is the best person i know

  • MY MARMIE & MARGE: my sister and mom are my constants. i am thankful for them every day

  • MY PATRICK: read a blog about things ( to learn about my roommate, best friend and support. i am thankful for his creativity and love of TV

  • MY AWESOME JOB: i work with great inspiring people at a great company. i am thankful for my job, the great opportunity i have been given and my awesome colleagues

  • MY FRIENDS: from new york to north carolina i have amazing friends. i am thankful for each of them
I am also thankful for the incredible artists, designers and talents that this blog has opened my eyes to.


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