Wednesday, November 5, 2008

watercolor magic

today i discovered decoylab and i am in love. the watercolors are unbelievably beautiful. it makes me want to have a daughter and fill her room with these images. (and people who know me, know that kids NEVER cross my mind - at least not yet).

decoylab is a design studio in kansas city, missouri. the owner is the amazing maiko kuzunishi. stand in awe of her talent:

this is called "dream of flight"

this one is "afternoon walk". this watercolor makes me feel young and hopeful.

this is called "butterfly lady"

and this is "amplified"

You can buy these prints for only $20 on supermarket's website (one of my all time favorite places for fun finds).

I am seriously in awe of maiko's talent. check out decoylab's website here.

(all images are from decoy lab's website and supermarket site)

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