Monday, December 29, 2008

great concept: wall blank

i think this is a super cool concept. wall blank is a website by artists for artists that offers a new limited edition piece of art every day. they track down talented artists and give them an opportunity to put a piece up for purchase. the prices are fair and reasonable.

here are some of my favorite pieces. the first is from lorena vigil-escalera guirado and is called "hope". it sells for $14 for the 6X6.

here is another that i adore. it is called "share" and is by jo conlon. the prices are great.

this is a funky one by eric hancock. the concept is beautiful and it is called "o".

i like this called "long story" and is by sebastián cudicio.

head over to wall blank to see what today's print is. pay special attention to fridays because on fridays 100% of the proceeds from the print released will go to a non-profit cause.

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