Thursday, December 11, 2008

guest blog: DIY holiday centerpieces

***this is a guest blog by jaime anderson. she had a great display on her table when i went to visit last week and I asked her to write about it!***

after being inspired while shopping at west elm last week, i decided to try and create some of the centerpieces i had seen. i bought a can of metallic silver spray paint and went to work! (you can buy silver spray paint at any hardware or craft store for around $3)

first, i went in my backyard and gathered sticks of different lengths. i laid them on newspaper outside and sprayed away. when the sticks had dried i put them in a tall, cylinder glass vase.

i loved how this looked so much that i decided to find some pinecones to paint as well. since i don’t live around any pine trees, i just bought a cheap bag from target. (you can also find them online for under $5 – check out

after the pinecones were dry i placed them into a fatter, shorter glass vase. this project was incredibly simple and took minutes to create. my table looks so trendy!

for a few other fun ideas for fun DIY holiday centerpieces, check out flickr.


  1. I have a question: I am looking for vases like those and I have no clue on where to find them. Can you help me? =)

  2. Me too where can we go to buy them?