Tuesday, February 24, 2009

cb2 steals my heart - and is cheap!

cB2 often steals my heart. i am loving some of their latest items. check out the "lamina" dinnerware line. ranging from only $1.95 to $3.95.

i am also obsessing over these lanterns/lights. don't they look great with the lamina dinnerware? the lights are a bit pricey at $99 each.

also, throughout the magazine they use rugs on the wall. interesting concept. i am loving both of these.

the wagami rug is $299 and the saigon rug is on sale for $249. you can buy all of these at cb2.com.

1 comment:

  1. You always find the coolest stuff that makes my mind go a hundred miles a minute coming up with new ideas. I am going to have to work on something similar to those blue lanterns. I love them. Thanks for the consistent inspiration.