Wednesday, February 18, 2009

dina's boys room - a makeover

i was recently perusing my friend dina's blog (at some point i will share my obsession at looking at other people's blogs about their adorable children) and i came across her recently re-decorated children's room. she and her husband made over their children's room and did a kick butt job.

(the most adorable little boy ever! this is jack)

she is letting me share sam and jacks room with you!
this is the boys room before they moved in - check out those green walls!

After they moved in and had jack, this is what the room looked like.

(check out the light blue walls - perfect for a little boy)

with the arrival of sam they needed another crib. and that is when they re-decorated the room. what an amazing job they did!

i love the names on the wall and the cribs. and how about those GREAT pictures next to the names. dina - you are an awesome mom...thank you for sharing the boys rooms with serendipity & spark.

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