Monday, March 2, 2009

dark wallpapers - yay or nay

i was walking on the street today in NYC and saw a gorgeous wall paper display. sadly my camera was dead and i could take any pictures :( but i was inspired to find some fun "dark" wall paper online. check out this gorgeous black and grey wallpaper. i love it in a bathroom.

(source: burke decor $60 for a double roll)

this one is a little too dark for me but could be gorgeous in the right room. you really need a room with a lot of natural light to use such dark wall papers.

This one is pretty funky. It would look good in a bathroom.

this pattern is also pretty nice.

check out more great wallpaper at the burke decor website.


  1. If a room is too small you could always use the wallpaper on just one wall as an accent. That might be cool. I love them all, especially the last pic.

  2. I love these wallpapers!!!!i particularly like the old fashioned ones tho!!!!

  3. Twilight rox!!!!!!rob patterson is ugly and horrible tho but the book version of edward is SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah - wallpapers? um.... ok.....