Monday, March 9, 2009

jackets from little houses clothing

i am loving these jackets that i found on - they rock! i have been in north carolina this weekend and it hit 85 degrees. i know there will be a few more weeks of cold so i might snap up one of these jackets. They are good for fall/winter.

i think these jackets have more of a spring feel! maybe i should get one for spring in NYC.

i am also in love with this "sweatshirt".
the designer is seriously kick butt. she makes these herself and for more information check out her site:

this hat is kick butt too!! this designer reminds me of my friend becky - this is totally her style.

check out the little houses clothing shop on and her etsy shop here.


  1. i absolutely loooove all of these!!

  2. I could see myself LIVING in that red hoodie - great find.

  3. Obsessed immediately. I have decided to move up north just so I can buy and wear these. Amazing!