Monday, March 23, 2009

a moment of spark

i had a moment of spark this weekend and have to shout out my beautiful wonderful cousins dorsett, graham and suzanne (and my sister meg). my sister and i spent the weekend in northern georgia and i can't begin to express the wonderful time we had. so many moments of spark. my cousins, aunt and uncle hosted us at their beautiful lake home.

(my gorgeous cousin dorsett)

(my hilarious cousin graham and her husband josh)

(my awesome cousin suzanne)

there is something about looking around the room at your relatives and realizing you don't love them because they are your love them because of who they are and how incredible they are.

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  1. Hi pretty :) I found something the other day that I thought might be right up your alley: I love their furniture and it's actually very fairly priced, considering how expensive furniture can be. Enjoy!
    PS- Thanks for the shout-out! We loved being all together last weekend :)