Thursday, March 26, 2009

surgery for serendipity & spark

Hi everyone, I wanted to give you an update on why my posting has been so light the last week and will be for the next week or two. I am having surgery. Yep...not the best timing (since I am getting married in 6 months) but something I need to do. Before I give you details...I think I might buy this necklace. This is just another fact that you can find ANYTHING on Etsy!

(from the Etsy shop of CindyVdesigns)

What kind of surgery you ask? Well, I am having surgery on my hip. I have managed to tear the cartilage in my hip socket and have been in pain for a while. Hopefully the surgery won't be too bad and i will be up and back to normal after a few weeks. Since I live in the "crazy" New York City and have a six-floor walk up apartment (NO ELEVATOR), I have to have the surgery in North Carolina and will recover there for a few weeks.

(from the Etsy shop of CindyVdesigns)

I am thrilled that I will be able to be "home" with my mom and sister but sad that I won't be in my office and with my NYC friends. Selfishly though I am looking forward to time with my family.

I expect that after the surgery (next Friday) I will be light on posting but after a few days, I will be sitting in the bed and hope to get lots of posts accomplished.

If you have any great ideas that you want me to blog about...send them over :)

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