Monday, April 20, 2009

lovely shoes!

i made a visit (on crutches) to target yesterday and decided to punish myself by going in the shoe department. i was planning to just browse but the target gods had different plans!!

first i stumbled up on these boots which i thought were awesome.

they were originally $49.98 and i got them for $9.98. It was a great steal!

here is our cat having fun with the new boots! everything is tan in my moms livng room :) including the cat!

i also found these shoes and must say...they weren't as cheap (they were $29.99) but they are awesome and i can't wait to get rid of these crutches and wear these hot shoes!

check out those sweet crutches :)

finding great deals really just makes your day! have you found any great deals lately that you were super excited about?

1 comment:

  1. the bottom shoes look like a madden girl design that you could get from DSW for about the same price...just saying.