Monday, June 8, 2009

a craft fair and a great find

i spent a big part of the day saturday at the renegade craft fair in brooklyn. it was really fantastic and there were SOOOOO many talented people there. there are a few other renegade fairs coming up in LA, San Fran and Chicago. i was a big overwhelmed by the talent and thought that i might not be able to buy anything. i really wanted to see what everyone offered and then hit up their websites and etsy shops, but i walked into the seattle show posters tent and fell in love with his prints.

the heart/gear picture i can invision in my new apartment and my financee also loved it!

this print was a big hit with my fiancee also. the birds GLOW IN THE DARK. sounds a little silly but it really looks incredible. the prints were $20 each.

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  1. SO jealous. I went in 05 and loved it. I can imagine that the talent is even more amazing now.