Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An interview with t-shirt designer Jeffrey Label

I met an artist this weekend. His name was Jeffrey Label and he is pure potential. As part of my "summer of adventure" with my co-vlogger and bff (Pat Sandora of A Blog About Things), we decided to do some interviews around NYC with "cool people". T-Shirt designer Jeffrey Label was our first interview.

Jeffrey is a New York designer that went to school at FIT. For the last 3 years he has been making incredible screen printed graphic t-shirts out of his Hell's Kitchen apartment. We were lucky to meet him and have him talk us through his "process". Here is a video that we shot with Jeffrey:

Not only does Jeffrey design the t-shirts and screen print them but he also dyes his shirts. He feels like this gives them a certain uniqueness and edge, and after seeing them...i agree. Each shirt is different and some of the shirts have dye blotches which really adds to their "feel".

Here are a few pictures of the process:

Jeffrey works right out of his apartment. Hence the dye on his walls. This is the typical setup before screening.

This is Jeffrey's "wall of screens" - he has so many and he groups them in themes from astrology to greek to angels.

Once a screen is picked, Jeffrey chooses a t-shirt and starts the process. we decided on this awesome gray t-shirt and the Pisces screen.

The screen is placed on the shirt and the magic begins.

Jeffrey loves to mix colors and make each shirt unique. For this shirt he mixed different blues both metallic and matte.

Next Jeffrey squeezes the ink through the screen.

You can buy Jeffrey's shirts at stores in New York City, San Diego and Los Angeles. And also through his website www.labelnewyork.com. Enter the coupon code: VLOG for a 10% off.


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