Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool necklaces make Mondays better!

Cool necklaces make Mondays better. I love the jewelry from Ball and Chain so much. It is so quirky and clever. For some reason my favorite necklace is this stable necklace. I remember when I had my first job and got my very own stapler. Not sure why but it meant something.

I could rock this stereo necklace!

I would like to buy this for my roommate who wears a shirt that makes him look just like a lumberjack!

I think this would be a really funny bridal shower gift for a bride!! Now that you are a wife get to ironing. Pretty funny.

Another find that my roommate might enjoy.

And last but not least, a milk jug necklace. LOVE IT!.

The prices are steep but they make for fun presents. Check out the Ball & Chain Etsy Shop.


  1. Hatchet is cool. Love the tighty whities!

  2. Loving these - and loving your blog! So much to look at will be back later as it's not helping me get any work done! :)