Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kelly Conroy - Stunning Jewelry

My dear friend Allison Block introduced me to the work of Kelly Conroy and I am in love. Kelly's jewelry has captured my heart.

I think my favorite piece is one with sign language on it. My aunt, uncle and cousin are all deaf. And this beautiful piece of work reminds me of them. And my other amazing cousin who serves as an interpreter. I might have to get this piece for her!

I am loving all of her animal pieces. They are stunning. And how brilliant that the cut out in the center represents their food of choice.

Kelly's work really speaks to the nature lover in me. How gorgeous is this tree and what about the bee necklace!!

Check out more great work from Kelly on her Etsy shop: Tulips To Kiss


  1. I love anything dealing with sign language.I was an interpreter for a while. I originally went to college for deaf education...then i realized I didn't like kids.

  2. also - that tree necklace reminds me of Ethan and Allison's tree.