Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A discovery!

When I was in London this past week I discovered the amazing work of Belle & Boo. I was in a card store (my weakness in life!) and found these beautiful cards. I have fallen in love. There is just something about these cards that does it for me! I bought 6 of these cards!

The work of Mandy Sutcliffe just blows me away. Her illustrations say so much yet are so simple. Her online shop has so many fun things from art prints to cards to pillows and so much more!

I love her use of fonts and the pastel colors. I also really love her work has a fairy tale vibe. Who doesn't love a fairy tale!!


  1. I found Belle and Boo on Etsy -- so adorable!

  2. They remind me of something from the past. I like it a lot! It's simple and beautifully simple! That's what makes it special.