Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Parents

My cousin sent me this picture last week of my dad. There is something about it that begged me to post it to the blog. What an incredible picture. My parents were cool people (they are still pretty cool individuals) but when they were in their 20s I know that they were unique. I am proud to be their daughter.

My mom was beautiful (she still is). I am proud that her individuality never changed. She will hate that I am writing about her on the blog but I just can't help it!

Do you think we look alike?

What about Meggy? Most people say she resembles my dad.


  1. Wow, you look just like your Mom. Both of you are Gorgeous!

  2. Love love love that picture of your dad. I think it's great that digi cameras are so accessible now, but when I see old photo like this, I get kind of sad because now we take so many pictures that I think sometimes we don't value them the way we used to, you know?