Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Custom Straws!

When I helped my friends Allison and Ethan out with their recent wedding we decided to create a lemonade stand. I was so excited about it and the first thing I thought to create were custom straws with adorable little flags.

(The beautiful bride!)

For those of you who know me well, you know I do all of my work in Word. Simply because I don't have photoshop on my computer (LAME!). I decided I wanted to create 2 types of flags. One triangle shape and one flag shape.

I created a template in Word which fit around 18 per page of the triangles and 14 of the flags.

We decided to create a custom monogram for the bride and groom and also add the word "enjoy" on the flag.

I think you could use regular straws for this and they would be adorable but I really wanted to find retro straws and I did!
I found them at an online shop called "Modern Lola". They were $3 for 50 and they have such great colors! I decided to go with the green and blue.

I printed the flags on my home printer and used my sturdy and loyal paper cutter to cut them out. I then used regular glue dots to secure them. ***Note: You need to use more than one glue dot to insure the flags don't separate.

I think they turned out really well! Remember it is the little details at events that make a world of difference.

The total cost of this project was around $15 dollars!


  1. A lemonade stand, striped paper straws, AND little paper flags? AAAAAAgh, can't handle the complete awesomeness!!!!

  2. powerpoint is my secret weapon. =]

    love this idea...i might have to take it for a graduation picnic i'm planning.