Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Hard

I am currently struggling to be inspired on the blog. Sometimes I think life gets in the way and I really want to try and battle that. I am just not sure how. One thing that I have realized related to my blogging life is that when I am uninspired and don't want to write I completely shut down. I just ignore the fact that I have a blog. And I live in guilt.

Image by the amazing Stina Perrson

I want to battle this guilt...get back into the routine...become inspired. Take more changes, write about more beautiful things. Realize that guilt is a barrier, that can be overcome.

Accidental discoveries and moments of spark. That is the tag for Serendipity & Spark. It is damn hard to make accidental discoveries and have moments of spark when you are only allowing the flame to flicker. I am going to find a way to ignite.

Inspire me...


  1. You're the reason I blog!

    What excites you most about summer?

    I love the spontaneity of it all...impromptu cookouts, pools, frosty lemonade, outdoor music, sickening sweaty heat, summer dresses, sandals, toes in the sand, a puppy learning to swim...beach vacations with dear friends.

  2. I was looking for ideas and inspiration for my wedding and just life in general over the long weekend and S&S was one of the first places I turned. I've spent at least the last hour coming here (I can't subscribe via My Yahoo!). In particular, I LOVE all your Etsy finds. I find that site so hard to navigate, so just love seeing what you discover. Keep it up -- you are fab :)