Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Moment of SPARK: Birthday

Today is my best friend Patrick's 28th birthday. Many of you know Patrick and I from our vlogs and blogs. We have known each other for a long time and as I said to him in his birthday card....we just fit. Of all of the people in my life Patrick and I are probably the most alike. I am incredibly lucky that I have him and while I am so thankful for the NBC page program for getting my career started...I am probably most thankful that it brought me to Pat.

A look at us over the years:

(how young do we look - i think this was at 1 of Pat's younger birthdays)

(our very first apartment together)

(we used to pretend paparazzi were after us)

(the money monster!)

(our 2nd apartment and the beginning of some fun videos)

(we are from planet bot)

(a visit to North Carolina - yes that is corn)

(our friend OPRAH!)

Happy Birthday to Patrick and I look forward to many more as your vlog partner, bff, gummy eating partner, scream at the tv person and so many more bad things that I can't share!!

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