Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My name is Carolyn Jordan Clark, some people like to call me “little Carolyn”. As my cousins know…every chance I get I tell people my name. I was named after my grandmother. 
It is my highest honor.  

I have been blog silent for almost a month...more actually. I hate being "blog silent". Life sometimes stops me from expressing. The last few weeks have been tough. I lost my grandmother and I moved to a new home (this is a good thing!). 

My grandmother's death stopped me in my tracks. It has been such a loss. She was an incredible person. There aren't any words that I can say to express how much she meant to me.

Such a beautiful woman! How about that dress...I mean wow. Also, my handsome grandfather. Love his sideburns!

I think about her every single day. I miss her. I miss writing letters to her each week and calling her on Sundays. My life is different since she is gone. I feel a tremendous responsibility to carry on her legacy and represent her grace and goodness to the world. I am hoping to be a better person in 2012 for her.


  1. I miss her as well - I remember thinking when I was younger (and as an adult) that she was so eloquent, classy and sophisticated. xoxo

  2. I just stumbled across your blog today...serendipity and spark. I'm bookmarking it and adding it to favorites. You seem very passionate about your family heritage and what it means to having amazing grandparents. Most are taken for granted or even forgotten. I too had a very close relationship to both my grandmothers. Amazing women, enduring life in a much less automated world, but making life good for their families. I believe I am carrying on this love of family in my life. Let's not forget parents...I am blessed with two amazing parents. I love your website...something about it is very peaceful and uplifting. Thanks for sharing!