Sunday, April 13, 2008

gates in newport - weekend on a whim

my love and i made a trip to the wonderful newport, rhode island this weekend (on a whim). one of the best things about rhode island is dreaming of living in the beautiful homes on the island and being able to decorate them.

i of course look at the colors of the homes, what the views out the windows might be but this weekend alan asked me to pay attention to the gates. that is the part of these homes that he thought was the most beautiful.

here is his favorite gate. someday he hopes that it will lead to our home. someday i hope that we will live in the same state ;) but until then we will dream of newport mansions.

this is the gate that was on the other end of this home’s driveway. a nice pair:

this is my favorite newport mansion, this was a picture that i took last summer on a beautiful newport day.
if you ever get a chance to visit newport please send me a picture of your favorite newport home.

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