Saturday, April 12, 2008

one plate, two plate , three plate, four

i have a small obsession for plates. i have found my self over the last few years purchasing 1 off plates and not knowing what to do with them. in my first new york apartment my roommate, patrick, and i opted to use the plates as wall decoration. it don’t love what we did but I think it is a good example of a quick and unique decoration.

last weekend I was walking around the city and say this plate display in a window and thought it more captured what I was looking for.

i also made a trip out to california this week and stayed at the viceroy hotel in santa monica. each time I stay at this hotel i am charmed by the design. and of course I love their plate display in their outdoor patio.

a great place to look for one-off unique plates is your local thrift store or urban outfitters. urban outfitters always seems to have some quirky choices. here is my current urban outfitters favorite. it is only $6 and that too makes me happy!

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