Saturday, April 5, 2008

wall decals on a saturday

i'm already looking forward to moving into a new apartment just so i can purchase these creative wall decals and decorate my walls.

i think this is such a great idea. whether you are decorating for a kid's room, a kitchen or the living room, there are some really fun options at blik

here is my favorite for the living room:

it is incredibly reasonable for 8 decals it is $60. Just think how much wall papering and painting costs. I really like this one for the living room or a bedroom and they come in many colors. the chandelier is available in black, white and burgundy. The cost for 3 chandelier decals is only $30.

Check out this whimsical decal. I think this would be great in a kids room. It is $40.

Which are your favorites? Happy Saturday!

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