Sunday, May 11, 2008

mothers day moment

there are quite a few mothers in my life that i must pay tribute to as today is mother’s day. They each have a unique parenting style and incredible strength and kindness.

Here is what I love about these “moms”:

my mom maxine – unique, blunt, smart, talented, tough, caring. she made me literally and figuratively. i can’t wait to live closer to her.

kathy sandora – spunky, fun, kind, loving. kathy is such a cool mom. i have been blessed to have her “mom” me on occasion. she is the mom to patrick and drew.

devon barbaro – tireless, patient, considerate, on fire. i hope that someday i will be the kind of mom that devon is. she is so cool and beautiful. i respect every move she makes. she is the mom to twin baby boys dane and andrew.

kelly barbee – dedicated, loving, devoted, tough. my sweet step-sister kelly is so devoted to her family that it soaks in to everyone around her. she is mom to zachary and kendall – they are growing up so fast!

kathy rasmussen – unselfish, sweet, talented. kathy brings joy to so many around her. she is thoughtful and selfless and makes everyone she meets feel special and unique. She taught both her children to spread their wings and i am lucky that her son found me so that she could spread some of her love to me. she is mom to jill and alan (my sweetie).

heidi klien – committed, tender, adoring, fun! heidi is so incredibly devoted her family, it makes me so happy to see her with her beautiful daughter tori. she is mom to victoria cadence.

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