Tuesday, May 13, 2008

notecard obsession

i am starting to think that i should have called this blog “carolyn’s obsessions”. most people who know me know that i have an obsession with stationary, notecards etc. i have been “collecting” notecards since high school and have hundreds of sets. i do use them…sending out cards at least 1 time a week to friends and family.

i was in new hampshire this weekend and lucky to make a stop at the master arts/crafts store michaels. and it was there that I happened upon the following incredible note cards!!

check them out:

this set is called called “pop” – for the bright colors that pop with the black and white.

i bought 3 sets of these and they are in packs of 8 for $1…that’s right folks…i am a bargain notecard hunter

these sets put me in a good mood. incorporating chandeliers and bright colors. i bought 2 sets of these for .50 cents each! Woohoo

i bought 3 sets of these also for .50 cents. I love the black, white and red.

fun stuff!!!

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