Wednesday, April 15, 2009

discovering magic: sarita star designs

i stumbled upon the AMAZING work for sarita star designs today and now i am in awe. what incredible talent. seriously her ring slings have taken my breath away. and her wall hangings are amazing. check out these baby slings.

this is my favorite. i love the colors and (duh!) the bird!

i don't get "the baby urge" often but seeing these makes me excited about carrying a child in this.

this one is stunning! to think she places each piece of fabric. that is talent!

what an incredible gift this would make for a new mom. i think wall hangings are awesome and these really could brighten a room.

check out more of the incredible sarita star designs on her blog: and if you know any expecting moms think about creative gifts, like these, that you can give them.

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