Thursday, April 16, 2009

dress codes: new york times article

i am really digging this story from the ny times style section. essentially the article is all about the dutch bike and can new york transform into a bike loving city (not just for messengers).

the pictures are really incredible from the slideshow. even if you just look at those, they make me want to go out and buy alan a bike right now.

An excerpt from the story:
This new It object is the glossy black Dutch bicycle, its design unchanged since World War II. Increasingly imported to the United States and starting to be seen on the streets of New York (and in the windows of at least one clothing store), it appears to have everything a good craze needs. That includes a hefty price tag — usually between $1,000 and $2,000 — and a charming back story about how the bikes have been an indispensable part of the picturesque Dutch cityscape for decades.

But can New York revert to New Amsterdam? Can the bicycle, the urban answer to the wild mustang, slow down and put fenders on? Can the urban cyclist, he of the ragtag renegade clothes or shiny spandex, grow up and put on a tie?

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here is a link to the story: DRESS CODES: How to Look Like a Grown-up While Biking to work

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