Thursday, May 14, 2009

amazing wall decals by elly nelly - part 2

i am a sucker for wall decals and since i will be moving into a new apartment in august, i am on the hunt for the perfect one. i wrote about elly nelly's prints earlier and discovered she has some amazing wall decals. i love the femininity of them but think that in the right room they wouldn't over power.

i love that elly nelly's decals aren't just for the walls. here is one that she put on a door.

bathrooms frustrate me but i would love to put one of these decals in our bathroom! my only concern would be them staying on the walls.

we are considering grey walls in our living room and i love the way this decal looks on the grey.

check out elly's decals at her website


  1. i have the flower one in black.. here is a link to it in my apt:

    i love wall decals! here is another one we have in our apt (not from ellynelly though):

  2. and cool! i didn't know you were a bee!

  3. Wow!!

    I just ADORE your blog!!

    So so glad I found it. You def have a new reader. :)

  4. Thank you SO much for such lovely mentions on your terrific Blog! Elly Nelly will follow you with interest :o) Keep in touch...
    Cheers, Elaine & Nell :o)