Monday, October 19, 2009

i AND love AND you

I am obsessed with a band. My sister, my mom, my husband, my friends, my town, my state are all obsessed with a band. They are called "The Avett Brothers" and they speak directly to the core of my being. They have impacted my life, made me feel things deeper, taught me about family and love and life.

They have a new album out called I and Love and You. It is amazing. The lyrics, the music and the words are great. I am so lucky that I was able to see them perform here in NYC on Saturday. My sweet sister got me tickets as a wedding shower present (good idea right!).

If you are not familiar with the band then I have a few requests.

1. Listen to the lyrics...they will move you
2. Listen to these songs first: If It's The Beaches, The Offering, When I Drink, November Blue, I and Love and You and then listen to every single other song!

I got married two weeks ago and we played The Avett Brother's throughout the reception. And our last song was "Go To Sleep" (that is usually the last song that the Avett's play at their shows). We also played on of my favorite songs called "The Offering".

Some lyrics to share:

Babe I'm lost Cause I don't know what to say
Hmmm I love you Want to make you my wife someday
Don't wanna steal you Of a young woman's light To me its perfect Just wanna do you right And I've known others And I've loved others too But I loved them cause they were stepping stones On a staircase to you Sometimes I act foolish I don't know what to do Please babe try not to judge me For my offering is true And I dream of children We can call our own Watch 'em run around in the front yard From the front porch of our home


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