Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cutest Kids Ever

Someone find me a child and put them in this outfit! I saw this picture from the new J. Crew catalog and how ADORABLE.

The prices are completely ridiculous and absurd but cute nonetheless.

Check out their latest line here.


  1. Cute... also wanted to say how much (and it's a lot) I love that coat in your previous post – so so gorgeous!!!! Blogger won't let me comment on it for some reason?!

  2. Hi Carolyn:
    I am so glad I finally got your blog/website. I wish I could have followed the entire journey of becoming a married lady; Yet now I can watch it grow.
    The Crew Kids are adorable and the prices a bit much : ) yet, the style and panache gives them the edge. When my daughters were little I use to let them pick out what to wear the next day and wa-la stripes, dots, flowers with orange/purple/blue took on their own lives.
    Express ones self and be true; much like you Carolyn!!!